My first wedding! Linda and Gary

In February, I was asked to officially shoot a wedding in July, for a friend of the family.  I have to admit, I was scared to death!  I have taken pictures at tons of weddings but not as the official photographer.  So, I purchased my Nikon d5100 and a puffer diffuser and went for it.  It ended up being a BEAUTIFUL day, actually too beautiful.  Lots of sunshine which made it a little tricky but overall, for my first wedding, I feel I did well.  I have lots to learn, lots of new equipment that I need to make it more successful the next time, and better editing programs.  haha…. some hobby I have!  Here are some of the highlights from the day!  Thank you, Gary and Linda, for including me in your special day! 

 I had the pleasure of working with Joy Burke, one of the most wonderful officiants I have ever met!