A Day At The Crossings….. Part I

A while back I sent a message to a few local friends to offer family/children portraits.  Pretty much said, meet me at The Crossings on this date at this time, and we’ll go from there.  It turned out to be a beautiful day and was I was grateful to the two families that came out.

The first family was the A. family – Greg and Nicole with their two children Emilyn and Nathaniel.  Nicole and I went to Elmira College together.  Although in different years, we still knew each other.  Gotta love a small school.  Recently, I found a bunch of EC grads, living in the Albany area, and well, the rest is history.  It has been great reconnecting and I LOVED spending the morning with them.  I had Em chasing me in the tree maze which worked out very well and Nathaniel, well, isn’t he just adorable?  While Daddy ran around with Em on the playground, we got some great shots of Nicole and Nathaniel.  There’s something special about a Mama and her son.  Ahh….. insert I want a son here…. Anyway!  Thanks, Nicole and Greg, for letting me play with your kiddos.  It was great to see you and love that I get to see these two grow!

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A Day At The Crossings…. Part II

I was so excited to see this little lady!  Tessa’s Mom, Tracy, was one of my daughter’s Pre-K teachers, and we just loved her!  I was very excited when Tracy responded that she wanted Tessa’s pictures done.  We had a blast with Tessa, although I’m not sure she agreed most of the time!  Tracy had three outfit changes for her.  Her camping/outdoorsy look, because she WILL be a 46er before she’s 2, her cutsie pink tutu outfit because Daddy would LOVE it, and her adorable yellow and white dress.   Tessa and Tracy, it was great seeing you and can’t wait for next time!

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A little camouflage love….

In September (yea, I know, I’m a little behind with the blog…) I was honored to be asked to shoot a wedding for Juanita and Tony, both of whom are in the National Guard and EXPECTING in November.  We met at Starbucks just to get to know each other a bit and it was just so sweet watching the two of them interact and how interested they were in helping me, a hobbyist, grow.  They wanted family photos, to capture the special moments, and to be ready for BBQ sauce. (Long story!)   I think I did all of that, except there wasn’t any pouring of BBQ sauce.  Ah well, still a beautiful and amazing day.   I had a great time and felt like part of the family.  Thank you for including me in your special day. I can’t wait to meet your son in November!

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