Secret Wedding – John and Patti

Yes, it was a secret wedding!  I have this fun photographer pal, Rob, who sent John my way for a wedding but it wasn’t clear as to whose wedding it was.  Rob and John knew each other, but John didn’t tell him that it was HIS wedding.  So, John and I chatted and realized we knew a lot of the same people and loved the fact that none of them knew of their upcoming nuptials.  You see, John and Patti were no ordinary couple.  They had a wonderful relationship for 14 years and most everyone thought they were already married.  Their plan was to have only their matron of honor and best man, the pastor, and myself attend the wedding.  HOW SPECIAL!  The morning of the wedding, they sent out announcements saying they were married.  Folks would receive them while they were in Maine on their honeymoon.  LOVE IT!

Let’s just say that these two are adorable!  It was a gorgeous day, with two amazing people, whose love for each other was strong and beautiful.  Just wait until you see their pictures.

Click on the picture to enlarge – ENJOY!

Thank you again for including me in your wedding day!!!   I’m so glad our paths crossed and I hope they do again in the future.  All the best and all my love.