2013 – A year for BIG changes

Hiya!  As you know, I became official right before the start of the year which means great excitement but lots of rules and policies to follow as a small business.   Taxes, receipts, insurance, contracts, ahhh!  With all of that comes more expenses.  I’ll be creating professional packaging for my products, upping the quality of how pictures are delivered, new props, and making changes to my small natural light studio.  So with all of that being said, I am going to be increasing my rates and offering a variety of different packages and experiences as of March 2013!    Everything is now listed and up to date on my website and listed below.


Basic Wedding Package:  $1600

Includes:  –  Engagement Session
–  All day coverage of your wedding day with one photographer
–  private online proof, print, and product gallery

**Other add ons include all digital images, albums, canvas wraps, framing, and more!

**Custom packages are quoted per client, please contact me for details.

**Available for worldwide travel!  (Going to the Jamaica this summer…. oh yes, yes I am!!)

**Gift Certificates available

Portrait Session:   $200

This includes family, maternity, newborn, children, couples, and just because sessions! Choose 3 of your favorites to receive as digital files as a
complimentary gift from me!  (a $75 value!)

Birth Photography:   $550

Let me capture the birth of your child/children so you can have those memories forever! You call me when you go into labor and Ill meet you at your birth
place and capture the most intimate and amazing moments of your life. Either a USB drive or private downloadable gallery with all digital files will be

Birth DAY Photography:  $400

Don’t want all the private stuff photographed? Call me after the cutie arrives and all are cleaned up, and Ill come and spend an hour or so with you and
get all of those necessary birth day pictures. Choose 3 of your favorite pictures to receive as digital files as a complimentary gift from me! (a $75 value!)

**To add all of your digital files to your package, add $250. All digital files will be downloaded to a USB drive or on PASS gallery that can be downloaded and shared online. (one or the other)

**Gift Certificates, albums, cards, canvas, prints, and other products are available through online proof gallery.

I am so excited about what 2013 is going to bring to Heather Eddings Photography and I hope that you are too!  Let me know if you have any questions at any time!


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Second Shooting – Guys and Details

As you know, I second shoot for Amy, quite a lot, and, I LOVE IT!  But when people hear that I “second shoot” they mostly just shake their heads and say “oh, that’s cool”.  Most of the time, I am sure they have no idea what that means.  Well, lucky for you all, I’m going to share with you what that means.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE being the lead photographer and shooting solo but the pressure is totally different when shooting for another photographer. The deal when working with Amy is that I hang with the groom and his guys, and photograph them getting ready.  No, no, no, I do NOT watch and stare as they get dressed.  I’m there to capture the fun, anxiety, jokes, the best man trying to chill the groom out, you know, the fun stuff.  Cuff links, shot glasses, shoes, head shots, group photos, ties, and nervous smiles.  Here are a few examples…

DSC_0668 DSC_1015 DSC_1067 DSC_1084 DSC_1504 DSC_1508 DSC_1512


The other part of second shooting is photographing the details.  I have to admit, this is my favorite part of the job.  Flowers, rings, jewelry, church decor, reception details such as glassware, cakes, favors, place cards, and did I mention flowers???  Usually while Amy is photographing some of the formal shots, I run (and yes, most of the time I RUN!) to the church or ceremony spot and then the reception area to shoot those details.  It is mostly me, myself, and I, alone with the details, in the calm before the party, and I just soak it all in.

DSC_1714 DSC_1830 DSC_2136 DSC_0653 DSC_0702 DSC_0710

DSC_0854 DSC_0893 DSC_0794 DSC_0808 DSC_0984 DSC_1347 DSC_1414 DSC_1422


And, from time to time, I do get to shoot some of the formal shots and hang out with the ladies.

DSC_0958 DSC_1090 DSC_1120 DSC_1132 DSC_1146


No matter what I get to photograph as a second shooter, I learn a ton, every. single. time.  And, every opportunity I have to work with other photographers, those experiences make me a better lead photographer, which I LOVE!  I really do have the best job ever, well, jobs!  🙂

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Headshots for the up and coming…… Darron Leddick, Photographer

As we all know, 2012 was a pretty big year for me and my business.  The stress and anxiety going into building yourself up as a reputable photographer is hard work, and well, just overwhelming at times.  There were a TON of fun parts though, like networking with a ton of different people, learning, and making great friends.  Darron is one of them.  I met Darron through Amy one night on Facebook, of course.  We were having a country music stand off, listing country songs that out-ranked others.  I think I won, I’m sure of it.  After our standoff of all things country music, Darron and I met at Starbucks and arranged for me to do his headshots.  I had never done headshots before, so I figured, why not!  Well, you can tell that it went well.  We had a blast, chased a turtle with our cameras, and laughed a lot.  Darron is going to be an awesome photographer.  He is passionate, excited, and in love with all things photography.  This won’t be the last time you hear about Darron.  Here are the pics!!  And here is his Facebook page too…. check it out!  Darron Leddick Photography



My fave pic – this is Darron’s personality to a T!  🙂






Thanks, Darron, for letting me photograph you!  I had a blast and can’t wait for this year!  You are going to work your tush off, more than you ever thought you could!  🙂 HA!  Get ready to work!


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My gig as a second shooter Part 1 of MANY! Lloyd and Fawn are MARRIED!

I have this great gig as a second shooter.  Of course, with Amy aka best boss ever!!!  I get to go to all of these amazing weddings and take pictures without the pressure of being the lead gal.  It is GREAT!

One of my weddings in 2012 was for Lloyd and Fawn.  They are the cutest couple!!!  Fawn was really going for a vintage look and she totally nailed it.  The wedding was just stunning at Proctor’s Key Hall and a dream of a place to take pictures!  As a second shooter, Amy goes with the gals as they get ready and I get to go with the guys.  So, you will see many more pics of the gents in my sessions but not because I favor them, that’s the job.  But, all of the grooms I have worked with have been so much fun and I laughed A LOT, especially with Lloyd and his guys.  Here ya’ll go – some fun pics from our day!

Personalized cuff links from his lady :)

Personalized cuff links from his lady 🙂






These two were extremely entertaining – cousin/best man and Lloyd, the groom! 


Fawn’s favorite pic of her man 🙂


The Dads with the Groom


The guys




The vintage ladies!  Just beautiful! 




The guys changed into Converse before the ceremony!  LOVE IT! 


Key Hall details




The whole gang!  









Cake from CoccaDotts!  YUMMMMM!!!



And the surprise cake for Lloyd – An engine groom’s cake!!! 


Thank you Amy for allowing me the honor to work with you, and thank you to Lloyd and Fawn for

including me in your amazing day! 


It’s been a year! WHAAAAT????

So, I’m sitting here on Facebook like I am every night, talking to Amy.  You know Amy, Amy Hedges of A. Hedges Photography.  In our chatting tonight, I realized that I have been working with her/for her for a YEAR!!!!   I can’t even believe it.  To think that a year ago, I went from “stalking” her photography page to working with her, I never would have thought.  I had always asked her for little opinions and advice from time to time but never did I EVER think that I would someday work with her.  She has been my photography idol for a couple of years now and when she posted that she was looking to hire a second shooter for 2012, I really hesitated on sending in my portfolio.  You know me, Miss Self Conscious!  And then, I sent it and two weeks later we were chatting at Starbucks, planning the year.  And now tonight, we joke about all the craziness of last year and how much fun the future will be.

I am so grateful for all that she has taught me in the past year.  I went from using a standard, beginner DSLR to jumping right into having TWO pro Nikon DSLRs and an array of lenses and equipment.  My magic credit card thanks her, but my husband so does not. 🙂 I am pretty much fluent in camera-speak, although I still have a ton to learn.  Did I mention I can’t believe it has been a year!!!????

We went to go see Jasmine Star (another photographer idol!) in NYC together – our first field trip!  Then we took on wedding season, and what a blast it was!

We don’t have many pics of us together because we are very serious when we work, LOL!  NOT!  But, here are a few.  Thanks for a great first year, Amy!  I’ve had a BLAST and can’t wait to see what is ahead!

At our first wedding with Amy's intern, Rebecca. :)  Yup, that's how we roll!!

At our first wedding with Amy’s intern, Rebecca. 🙂 Yup, that’s how we roll!!


This is the true Heather coming out with me grabbing the perfect light and Amy thinking, who the heck did I hire???  She's nuts!!!

This is the true Heather coming out with me grabbing the perfect light and Amy thinking, who the heck did I hire??? She’s nuts!!!


Yup, that's my boss, rockin' the 24-70.  She is going to kill me. :)

Yup, that’s my boss, rockin’ the 70-200. She is going to kill me. 🙂  HA!!!! 


Thanks for the inspiration, the teaching, and all of the laughter!

To the best year and to many more!












Lori and Chad’s Bundle 2012 <3

This is a FUN story, and one you will hear about lots on my blog.  Lori is a GREAT friend of mine that I met in nursing school over a year and a half ago.  We were instant friends and I am so grateful!  Anyway, enough about that before I get teary….. Lori found out she was prego and texted me in a panic!  HA!  I was soooooo excited and had a hard time holding in my emotions, but I promised not to say a word until she was ready to spill the beans.  She made me sit through classes with our friends and not say a word.  So hard, but I did it!  As time went on, not only did Lori ask me to do her maternity pictures but I was honored to be her doula as well!  Yeah, I wear a few hats…. photographer, birth doula, nursing student, wife, mother……  So, enough of all of that, here are the pics!  A beautiful Mama to be and hysterical Daddy to be!!!

Little Zoey's shoes!

Little Zoey’s shoes!

This little dude wanted in on our photo session - PHOTO BOMB!

This little dude wanted in on our photo session – PHOTO BOMB!



Full of laughs - the whole session!

Full of laughs – the whole session!

Peek a belly!

Peek a belly!

Lori's idea!  Loved it!!!

Lori’s idea! Loved it!!!

Isn't she beautiful?

Isn’t she beautiful?







I love this shot!  Covered bridge, a little graffiti heart.... lots of love!

I love this shot! Covered bridge, a little graffiti heart…. lots of love!



Of course…… once you have a maternity session, there has to be a birth……….

Welcome to the world, Miss Zoey Rae!

On June 26, 2012 at 11 pm, Zoey finally made her entrance into the world!










Thank you so much, Lori and Chad, for allowing me to share in such precious moments with you!

I can’t wait to watch and be a part of Zoey growing up!!!